What account choices does global CTB platform will provide you?

Basically, it is a standard for the brokers to provide a number of account choices to their customers at the signing up period. The main objective of providing diverse account choices is to meet the requirements of the worldwide traders. In fact, not each individual has similar capital, skill and risk tolerance in trading. Hence, their needs will differ and also the account choices can guarantee that the traders can opt for the one, which suits them a lot.

Even many of the brokers are identified to provide three prime choices that include one for beginners, next for skilled and another one for advanced as well as professional traders. You just come to know that the Global CTB has added six account choices on their platform. Let you check out the following available options:


The foremost account choice at global CTB conveys a minimum deposit amount of $250. It is specially offered to those who are new in the crypto market.


This account choice was included by global CTB for the traders who have simply begun the crypto trading. They are not fully new, but do not have more experience either and thus the beginner account. Here, the minimum deposit of $10, 000 is needed for this account choice.


This specific account choice at global CTB is specifically for those who are neither experienced nor too new as well. The least deposit requirement for this account is set at $25,000 and the bonus amount is increased to 60%.


If you have sufficient experience to begin taking massive risks, you will just require this advanced account provided by global CTB. This account can be opened with a deposit amount of $50,000.


This specific account option is included by Global CTB for catering to the professional traders. Here, the least deposit required is beginning at $100,000.


It has added VIP account for traders who have greater trading volume.