Is there any way to restore your coffee table?

If you have a coffee table that is old enough with lots of scratches and damages, then it remains to be junk furniture in your home. Even if the coffee table is your favorite one and you would search for a new one as a replacement to the old table, this would also cost more and increase your storage spaces too. As a great remedy for all these things instead of replacing old tables with new one you can better restore your old table and give them a new life. By doing so you can use your favorite coffee table with its new look and save your money spend from purchasing a new table.

How to restore old coffee table?

When it comes to coffee table restoration maximum people would show interest to make but most of them would not be aware how to make the restoration and finally mess up the table. So to ease your restoration work here are some steps listed below which clearly explains how to do coffee table restoration.

  • As an initial step remove all brass and wood items clean them well, this enhances your coffee table to regain its attractive shining look.
  • Once you are done with polishing you have to focus on stands and strips. Take the wood stripper to strip them and use clean dry cloth to wipe the stripped woods.
  • After completing stripping works you are able to visualize the joints and surface would be misplaced. Thus you have to fix the joints and surface to make the coffee table to its original shape.

Once you are done with all the above mentioned steps you need to coat the stain to the entire table this darken the table. Finally comes an important part of coffee table restoration process is surface coating. You need to coat the top surface of the coffee table with varnish to add beauty to your old table.